Plenary Talks

Raul Abramo(Constraining Cosmology with Large-Scale Projects)
Shadab Alam(Galaxy Evolution for the Cosmologist)
Elisa Chisari(Key Issues in Large Scale Structure Research)
Jens Chluba(Spectral Distortions of the CMB)
Tamara Davis(Supernova Cosmology)
Andrew Eberhardt(Ultra-Light Dark Matter & Axions)
Steffen Hagstotz & Robert Reischke(Fast Radio Burst Cosmology)
Laura Herold(Tensions and Statistics)
Luisa Lucie-Smith(Machine Learning in Cosmology)
Katie Mack(Public Engagement)
Silvia Manconi(Astroparticle Physics)
Marius Millea & Srinivasan Raghunathan(CMB Results on behalf of the SPT Collaboration)
Sebastien Renaux-Petel(Inflation and Cosmological Correlators)
Matthieu Schaller(The FLAMINGO Project)
Yuhsin Tsai(Cosmological Probes of Physics Beyond the Standard Model of Particles Physics)
DESI Collaboration(Year-1 Cosmology Results)

Parallel Talks

Santiago Agüí SalcedoUnitarity & Analyticity in the Cosmological Bootstrap
Santiago AvilaThe Dark Energy Survey: BAO Measurement from the Final Dataset
Olga AvsajanishviliReconstruction, Analysis and Constraints of Cosmological Scalar Field ϕCDM Models
Basabendu BarmanConfronting the Dark with Gravity
Mateja BoskovicSignatures of Ultralight Bosons in the Orbital Evolution of Binary Black Holes
Jeger BroxtermanThe Impact of Cosmology and Baryonic Physics on the Properties of Weak Gravitational Lensing
Convergence Peak Counts
Rodrigo CalderonDESI 2024: Reconstructing Dark Energy using Crossing Statistics with DESI DR1 BAO Data
Oscar Castillo-FelisolaCosmological Expectations From a Polynomial Affine Model of Gravity
Jyothis ChandranStrategies for Disentangling Hot Ionized Gas Distribution from the Microwave Sky with Needlet ILC Methods
Jonas Chaves-MonteroFirst Multiscale Emulator of the Lyα Forest
Hanyu ChengFuture Targets for Light Gauge Bosons From Cosmic Strings
Tammi ChowdhuryLeptogenesis Through Particle-Antiparticle Oscillations
Matthew CollessPeculiar Velocity Surveys for Cosmology: Recent Results and Future Plans
Marina CortesOn Dataset Tensions and Signatures of New Cosmological Physics
Steve CunningtonProbing Cosmology at Radio Wavelengths With MeerKLASS 21cm Intensity Mapping
Vitor da FonsecaInteracting Dark Energy Loosens Neutrino Mass
Sudipta DasStudy of Pressure Parametric Dark Energy Model in the Framework of f(Q) Gravity
Tristan Daus
& Elena Kozlikin
Hubbard-Stratonovich Transformation for Classical Statistical Systems and Its Application to
Cosmic Large-Scale Structure Formation
Umut Emek DemirbozanThe CMB Lensing Imprints of DES Cosmic Voids
Qianhang DingThe Merger Rate of Primordial Black Hole Binaries as a Probe of Hubble Parameter
Ian DSouzaStellar Disruptions of Axion Minihalos
Job FeldbruggeWhat Makes a Wall/Filament in the Cosmic Web?
Emmanuel FrionBouncing cosmology from Loop Quantum Cosmology with ekpyrotic and matter fields
Marco GaloppoDifferentially Rotating Galaxies in General Relativity
Helena Garcia EscuderoDo We Have a Model Better Than ΛCDM?
Luz Ángela García PeñalozaStudying an Late-Time Accelerated Expansion With a Diffusive Dark Energy Model
Ivelin GeorgievConstraining Cosmic Reionisation by Combining the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect and the 21cm Signal
Sohan GhodlaProbing Dark Matter Using Gravitational Waves From Galactic Binary Black Holes and LISA
Basundhara GhoshA Unified Linear Intrinsic Alignment Model for Elliptical and Disc Galaxies and the Resulting Ellipticity Spectra
Leonardo GianiA Cosmic Web of Almost Spherical Cows
Cara GiovanettiCosmological Parameter Estimation with the Fast and Differentiable BBN Code LINX
Utkarsh GiriConstraining fNL using the Large-Scale Modulation of Small-Scale Statistics
Christopher Harvey-HawesEffect of Lens Mass Models in Cosmological Applications of Strong Gravitational Lensing
Emilie HertigThe Simons Observatory: Combining Delensing and Foreground Cleaning for Improved Constraints on Inflation
Benjamin HertzschComplex Evaluation of Angular Power Spectra – Case Study
Marcus HögåsInfluence of Bimetric Gravity on the Hubble Tension: Hints of a BAO Bias
Feven Markos Hunde Dark Matter Subhalo Properties in the Cosmic Web
Sadra JazayeriCosmological Correlators at One-Loop from Speedy Species
Minas KaramanisPreconditioned Monte Carlo: A New Tool for Bayesian Inference in Cosmology
Bhuvaneshwari KashiExploring Higher-Order Modes in Gravitational Waves: Insights from LISA Observations and
Numerical Relativity Visualizations
Ryan KeeleyJWST Lensed Quasar Dark Matter Survey. II: Improved Limits on DM Free-Streaming Length (m_{th} > 6.1 keV)
from Nine Systems
Ali Rida KhalifeUpdated Constraints on Hubble Tension Solutions
Hyunsu KongExploring Small-Scale Structures: Testing ΛCDM with Dark Matter Subhalos
Sara KonradUniversality of Structures From the Small-Scale Limit of the Dark Matter Power Spectrum
Jay KrishnanDo JWST Early Galaxies Pose a Crisis for Cosmology?
Jun’ya KumeGravitational Waves and Baby Black Holes From a Catalyzed First-Order Phase Transition
Zachary LaneCosmological Foundations Revisited With Pantheon+
Jason (Jaemyoung) LeeAstrometric Redshifts of Supernovae in the Rubin LSST Era
Andrew LiddleInterpreting DESI’s Evidence for Evolving Dark Energy
Martine LokkenCosmic Coherence: Measurements of the Anisotropic Relationships Between Hot Gas, Galaxies and
Dark Matter in Superclusters With ACT+DES
Dario LorenzoniNatural Inflation with Exponentially Small Tensor-to-Scalar Ratio
Xiancong LuoOpen Effective Field Theory in Inflation
Hoang Nhan LuuExploring Structure Formation in Two-Field Fuzzy Dark Matter
Bailey MartinBeyond the Mass Step: Improving the Hubble Diagram with an [O II] Correction to SN Ia Light Curves
Tonatiuh MatosPhysics and Cosmology on a Gravitational Wave Background
Evan McDonoughThe Field Theory Axiverse
Swagat Saurav MishraTowards the Origin of Matter in the Universe: Inflaton Fragmentation, Oscillon Formation and Decay
Anais MöllerType Ia Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey
Gabriele MontefalconeMinimal Dark Matter Freeze-In with Low Reheating Temperatures and Implications for Direct Detection
James MorawetzConstraining Primordial Non-Gaussianity with Density-Split Clustering
Charlie MpethaUsing the Infall Region Around Galaxy Clusters as a Cosmological Probe
Moritz MünchmeyerRobust Neural Network-Enhanced Estimation of Local Primordial Non-Gaussianity with Halos and Galaxies
Minh NguyenHow Much Information Can Be Extracted from Galaxy Clustering at the Field Level?
Pierros NtelisA Probabilistic Expanding Universe under FA
Veronika OehlExact Weak Lensing Correlation Function Likelihood: Treating Masked Spin-2 Gaussian Random Fields
on the Sphere
Maria Perez MendozaImproved Dark Matter Measurements With Studies of Realistic Strongly Lensed Quasar Narrow-Line Emission
Alejandro Perez RodriguezClassical and Stochastic δN Formalisms
Gabriele PernaFully Non-Gaussian Scalar-Induced Gravitational Waves
Martin PijnenburgThe Kinematic Dipole Tension in Light of Next-Generation GW Detectors
Elena PinettiHunting Dark Matter Lines in the Infrared Background with the James Webb Space Telescope
Eduard Piratova-MorenoModeling the Dispersion Measure-Redshift Relation for Fast Radio Bursts
Masroor PookkillathTheory of Interacting Vector Dark Energy and Fluid
Alexander ReevesCombined Probes: Framework, Compression and Neutrino Masses
Shouvik Roy ChoudhuryNeutrino Mass and Mass Ordering: No Conclusive Evidence for Normal Ordering
Sanghati SahaA Coupled-Fluid Approach with Barrow Holographic as the Driving Dark Fluid to Investigate Bounce
and Inflationary Cosmology
Supranta Sarma BoruahOptimal Cosmological Inference With Weak Lensing Data
Antonia SeifertThe Importance of Being Symmetric: Flat Rotation Curves from Exact Axisymmetric Static Vacuum Spacetimes
Sergio Sevillano MunozCosmic Microwave Background Constraints on Extended Dark Matter Objects
Lior ShamirPuzzling Extreme Asymmetry in the Distribution of Galaxy Rotation in JWST Deep Fields
Peter SimsReionization Astrophysics: A Joint Analysis of Constraints from 21cm, Lyman Line & CMB Data Sets
Marvin SippCosmic-Velocity Statistics from Hamiltonian Particle Dynamics
Enrico SpecognaBreaking Planck’s Lensing Anomaly: A Parametric Approach.
Liang TanNeutrino Mass Measurement with Cosmic Gravitational Focusing
Peter TaylorUnsupervised Searches for Parity Violations in Cosmological Fields
Ayngaran ThavanesanThe Cosmological CPT Theorem
Xi TongThere and Back Again: A Correlator-Wavefunction Duality and the Factorisation of Cosmological Observables
Jeremy WachterA Bump on a Spectrum: Cosmic Strings, Self-Interactions and Gravitational Wave Backgrounds
Bonny Y. WangMachine-Learning Cosmology from Void Properties
Kuan WangMerger Response of Halo Anisotropy Properties
Michael WilliamsVoid Statistics in Numerical Relativity and Emerging Spatial Curvature
David WiltshireSolution to the Cosmological Constant Problem
Gopal YadavCommunicating Multiverses in Holographic de-Sitter Braneworld
Sudhava YadavReheating Dynamics of Logarithmic-Corrected Quadratic Chaotic Inflation
Gen YeCubic Galileon Gravity in the CMB
Ziwen YinAxion Star Condensation Around Primordial Black Holes and Microlensing Limits
David ZegeyeThe Square Kilometer Array as a Cosmic Microwave Background experiment
Yunhao ZhangAccurate and Efficient Marginalisation over Tomographic Redshift Distribution Uncertainties
Miguel ZumalacarreguiLensing of Gravitational Waves: New Opportunities for Fundamental Physics