Plenary Talks

Giovanni AricòBaryonic Effects on Large-Scale Structure
Josh DillonHigh-Redshift 21cm Cosmology
Ruth DurrerMeasuring Our Peculiar Velocity and the Large-Scale Anisotropy Independently
Elisa FerreiraUltra-Light Dark Matter: The Light and Fuzzy Side of Dark Matter
Agnès Ferté & Jessie MuirDES Y3 Constraints on Beyond-ΛCDM Models with Weak Lensing and Clustering
Victor GorbenkoFormal Developments in Theoretical Cosmology
Ariadna Montiel Gamma-Ray Bursts as Distance Indicators in Cosmology
Yueying NiSuper-Resolution Cosmological Simulations
Michelle NtampakaMachine Learning for Cosmology
Aseem ParanjapeVoronoi Volume Function: A New Probe of Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution
Emmanuel SchaanBacklighting the Universe: CMB Secondary Anisotropies
Yvonne WongParticle Physics-Cosmology Connections

Parallel Talks

Amarkumar AgrawalDynamical Stability of Bouncing Cosmology in Extended Gravity
Adam AndrewsBayesian Field-Level Inference of Primordial Non-Gaussianity
Vikas AragamMulti-Field Inflation in Supergravity: Rare and Tachyonic?
William BarkerSupercomputers Against Strong Coupling in Gravity with Curvature and Torsion
Priyesh ChakrabortyThe CMB x LSS Skew-Spectrum
Yun-Ting ChengData-Driven Cosmology from 3D Light Cones
Johan ComparatX-Ray Large-Scale Structures: Observations and Simulations
Sergio ContrerasHow Well Does Galaxy Clustering Constrain Cosmology and Assembly Bias?
Marina CortêsBiocosmology: The Birth of a New Science
Steve CunningtonCosmological Detections from HI Intensity Mapping with SKAO Pathfinders
Apashanka DasOn the Origin of Red Spirals: Does Assembly Bias Play a Role?
Sudipta Das & Nandan RoyStudy of Quintessence and Phantom Models Through General Parametrization of H(z)
Chris DaviesCosmology with Weak Lensing Peaks and Voids
Suhail Dhawan A Uniform Zwicky Transient Facility Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distance Ladder
Qianhang DingCosmological Standard Timers in Primordial Black Scenarios
Jonas El GammalGPry – A Package for Fast Bayesian Inference using Gaussian Processes
Job FeldbruggeDissecting the Cosmic Web with Caustics
Bowen FuNeutrino Mass and the Early Universe
Luz GarcíaStudying Early Dark Energy Models from Different Approaches
Marcos A. Garcia GarciaDark Matter from Preheating
Marco GattiCosmology from Weak Lensing Non-Gaussian Statistics with the Dark Energy Survey
Ivelin GeorgievImpact of the Mean Free Path Effect on the Large-Scale 21cm Power Spectrum
Hector Gil-MarinModel-Agnostic Interpretation of 10 Billion Years Cosmic Evolution of SDSS Data
Utkarsh GiriRobust Neural Network-Enhanced Estimation of Local Primordial Non-Gaussianity
Harry GoodhewCosmological Bootstrap Primer
Alex GoughMaking (Dark Matter) Waves: Untangling Wave Interference in Multi-Streaming CDM
Alessandro GrecoCosmic Birefringence: Cross-Spectra and Cross-Bispectra with CMB Anisotropies
Nikhel GuptaDiscovery of Peculiar Radio Morphologies with ASKAP using Machine Learning
Qianjun HangProbing Galaxy-Group Correlations in Redshift Space with the Halo Streaming Model
Farbod HassaniInstabilities Appearing in Dark Energy Models
Saniya HeebaFreezing-In a Hot Bath
Joonas HirvonenEffective Field Theory Approach to Thermal Bubble Nucleation
Ming-Feng HoMulti-Fidelity Emulation for Matter Power Spectrum and Lyα Flux Power Spectrum
Taylor HoytRecalibrating the Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distance Scale
Sadra Jazayeri & Sébastien Renaux-PetelCosmological Bootstrap in Slow Motion and the Low-Speed Collider
Siddheshwar KadamDynamical Features of f(T,B) Cosmology
Marios KalomenopoulosClustering Effects on GWs Dark Sirens Determination of H0
Ryan KeeleyNew Physics at Low Redshift Cannot Be the Sole Explanation for the H0 Tension
Arnaz KhanA Minimal Scalar Field Model to Tackle the Cosmological Constant Problem
Sara KonradThe Universality of Small-Scale Structures in Dark Matter
Mponeng KopanaCosmological Constraints with HI Intensity Mapping using Interferometer Mode
Alex KrolewskiCosmology from CMB Lensing Tomography to z=2 from the unWISE Catalog
Darshan KumarA Model-Independent Test on Variations in Peak Luminosity of Type Ia Supernovae
Mang Hei Gordon LeeBootstrapping Correlators using Unitarity and Locality
Nanoom LeeProbing Small-Scale Baryon and Dark Matter Isocurvature Perturbations with the CMB
Louis LegrandCMB Lensing with Next-Generation Surveys
Pablo LemosRobust Simulation-Based Inference with Bayesian Neural Networks
Martine LokkenAnisotropic Superclustering of Cosmic Gas
Ameek MalhotraGravitational Wave Anisotropies as a Probe of the Inflationary Particle Content
Andreas MantzirisEnding Inflation with a Bang: Higgs Vacuum Metastability in R + R^2 gravity
Elena MassaraCosmology with Marked Power Spectra
Stefany MedellinStructure Formation with a Scalar Field Dark Matter Model
Konstantinos MigkasProbing Cosmic Isotropy with Galaxy Clusters: A New Challenge to ΛCDM?
Bivudutta MishraMatter Bounce Scenario in Nonmetricity f(Q) Gravity
Swagat Saurav MishraCanonical and Non-Canonical Inflation in Light of the Recent BICEP/Keck Results
Gonzalo MorrásSearch for GWs from Black Hole Hyperbolic Encounters in LIGO-Virgo
Markus MosbechSignatures of Dark Matter Interactions at High and Higher Redshifts
Diptajyoti MukherjeeEvolution of Massive Black Hole Binaries in Merging Nuclear Star Clusters
Fargiza A. M. MulkiNon-Canonical Domain Walls as a Unified Model of Dark Energy and Dark Matter
Felipe Oliveira FrancoFirst Measurement of Projected Phase Correlations
Kevin PardedeBispectrum and Finite-Volume Effects: Window Convolution
Laxmipriya PatiRip Cosmological Models in Extended Symmetric Teleparallel Gravity
Marcos Pellejero-IbanezHow to Build an Agnostic LSS Model from an N-Body Simulation
Alejandro Perez RodriguezPBHs and GWs from Dissipative Effects during Inflation
Judit Pérez-RomeroSensitivity of CTA to DM-Induced Gamma-Ray Emission from Perseus Galaxy Cluster
Giovanni PierobonSimulations of Axion-Like Particles in the Post-Inflationary Scenario
Natalia PorqueresLifting Weak Lensing Degeneracies with a Field-Based Likelihood
Susan PyneControlling Intrinsic Alignments with Three-Point Statistics
Keir RogersSearching for Axion Dark Matter in Galaxy Clustering and the S_8 Tension
Shouvik Roy ChoudhuryNeutrino Self-Interactions, Hubble tension and Inflation
Samuel Sánchez LópezQuintessential Inflation in Palatini Modified Gravity
Supranta Sarma BoruahFast Cosmological Inference with Iterative Emulators
Christoph SaulderThe DESI Peculiar Velocity Survey
Agne SemenaiteCosmology from the Full Shape of Clustering Measurements in BOSS and eBOSS
Aparajita SenForecast for Recovery of r in CMB-Bharat
Ashim Sen GuptaNonlinear Horndeski Analysis with Hi-COLA
Neil ShahAcausality in Superfluid Dark Matter and MOND-Like Theories
Peter SimsGeneral Bayesian Interferometric Calibration with Applications to 21cm Cosmology
Alessio Spurio ManciniCOSMOPOWER: Deep Learning – Accelerated Next-Generation Cosmological Inference
Jens StückerThe Boosted Potential
Philipp SudekThe Sensitivity of the Redshift Distribution to Galaxy Demographics
Jamie SullivanBolt.jl – The Differentiable Boltzmann Solver
Giovanni TambaloGravitational-Wave Lensing as a Probe of Dark Matter Halos
Ayngaran ThavanesanOn Graviton Non-Gaussianities in the Effective Field Theory of Inflation
Xi TongLarge Spin-2 Signals at the Cosmological Collider
Sagarika TripathyDeviations from Slow-Roll Inflation and Its Implications for Magnetogenesis
Tilman TroesterA Joint Analysis of KiDS-1000 Gravitational Lensing and the tSZ Effect
Ryan TurnerTesting the Cosmological Model using the Growth Rate in the Local Universe
Georgios ValogiannisAn Analysis of BOSS Data with Wavelet Scattering Transforms
Jan Luca van den BuschKiDS-1000: Cosmic Shear with Enhanced Redshift Calibration
Digvijay (Jay) WadekarMachine Learning to Improve Scaling Relations for Cluster Cosmology
Dong-Gang WangBoostless Cosmological Collider Bootstrap
Yourong Frank WangDynamical Friction from Ultralight Dark Matter
Alex WoodfindenCosmological Geometry and Growth Measurements from Voids
Angus WrightStage-IV Cosmic Shear and the Curse of Covariate Shift
Zhilei XuOn-Sky Calibration for CMB Experiments
Ziang YanCosmic Star Formation History from Galaxy-CIB Cross-Correlation
Daneng YangStructure of Dark Matter Halos with Differential Elastic Scatterings
Victoria Yankelevich The Halo Bispectrum as a Sensitive Probe of Massive Neutrinos and Baryon Physics
Zhongxu ZhaiCosmological Constraint from Small-Scale Clustering of BOSS Galaxies
Mian ZhuAlternative-to-Inflation Scenarios from DHOST Cosmology

Flash Talks

Chad BriddonUsing SELCIE to Investigate Screened Scalar Fields Sourced by Complex Systems
Miguel EnriquezIncluding GR and PNG Contributions in the Initial Conditions for N-Body Simulations
Andras KovacsThe DES View of the Eridanus Supervoid and the CMB Cold Spot
Giorgio LesciCosmological Constraints from Galaxy Cluster Statistics in KiDS
Mahdi QezlouLarge-Scale Structures in Lyman-Alpha Tomography
Grasiele Romanzini BezerraGalaxy Dynamics and Modified Gravity from Velocity Dispersion in E-Rings Systems
Mohd SirtazGravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Radiations from Dyon-Dyon Bound Systems
Daniel Torres-BallesterosReconstructing the Mass Profile of Galaxy Clusters with Relensing
Saboura ZamaniCosmological Distances And Hubble Tension In Einstein-Cartan Theory