Most of the pre-recorded talks of Cosmology from Home 2020 are publicly available on the YouTube channel of the conference series, via this YouTube playlist or individually in the list below.

Plenary Talks

Tessa BakerTesting Gravity with Gravitational Waves
Ami ChoiCosmological Lensing with a 2020 Focus on the Dark Energy Survey
Daniel GreenSignals of a Quantum Universe
Steen HannestadNeutrinos in Cosmology – Current status and Future Prospects
Kavilian MoodleyDark Energy with HIRAX

Parallel Talks

Alexandra AmonLensing without Borders and Weak Lensing with DES Year 3
Nikki ArendseCosmic Dissonance
Jacobo AsoreyCosmology from the Cross-Correlation of Extragalactic Surveys using Horizon Run 4
William BakerDark Energy and Radiation from the Novel Gauge Gravity Theories
Basabendu BarmanEffective Theory of Freeze-in Dark Matter
Daniel BaxterResults on Low-Mass WIMPs from a 11 kg-d Target Exposure of DAMIC at SNOLAB
Benjamin BeringueCosmology with Rayleigh Scattering
Simon BirrerMeasuring the Hubble Constant with Strong Gravitational Lensing Time Delays
Marios BounakisHyperinflation: Stuck in the Swampland
Jonathan BradenA Real-Time Picture of Vacuum Decay
Andrew BradshawMapping Mass with Sky Surveys
Rafael BravoA Generalized Non-Gaussian Consistency Relation for Single Field Inflation
Kate BrownQuantum Fluids meets Cosmology
Jatan BuchDark Matter Substructure under the Electron Scattering Lamppost
Manuel Buen-AbadCommon Origin of Warm Dark Matter and Dark Radiation
Julien CarronAre there Any Holes in the CMB Likelihoods?
Matteo CataneoGauging the Reaction: a New Framework for Non-Linear Clustering in ΛCDM and Beyond
Valentina CesareDynamics of Disk and Elliptical Galaxies in Refracted Gravity
Scott ChapmanUncovering Massive Galaxy Protoclusters in the Early Universe with the SPT
Sihao ChengA New Approach to Observational Cosmology using the Scattering Transform
Lucia F. de la BellaSkyPy
Nicholas DePorzioAccurately Measuring Neutrinos and Massive Light Relics using Cosmological Observables
Suhail DhawanHubble Constant with Explosive Transients: a View from the Zwicky Transient Facility
Josh DillonPrecision Calibration for 21cm Cosmology with HERA
Celia Escamilla-RiveraPrecision Cosmology for Modified Gravity
Jose M. EzquiagaGravitational Wave Lensing Beyond General Relativity
Low Lerh FengThe Distribution of Vacua in Random Landscape Potentials
Chandrima GangulyViscous Cosmology and the Bounce
Giulia GianniniRedshift Estimation Techniques for the Dark Energy Survey Y3 Data
Hector Gil-MarinRedshift Space Distortions Analyses of the eBOSS Galaxy Survey
Aaron GlanvilleThe Effect of Systematic Redshift Biases on BAO Cosmology
Henry S. Grasshorn GebhardtSpherical Harmonic Tomography for Emission Line Surveys
Nikhel GuptaMass Estimation of Galaxy Clusters with Deep Learning
Steffen HagstotzBounds on Light Sterile Neutrinos from Cosmology and Laboratory
ChangHoon HahnConstraining Mnu with the Bispectrum
Collin HillEarly Dark Energy and Cosmological Concordance
Ming-Feng HoFinding Strong Lyα Absorbers in the Shadows of Quasars with Bayesian Machine Learning
Benne HolwerdaSupernovae Host Galaxy Dust Extinction Evolution
Cullan HowlettCosmology with Peculiar Velocity Surveys
Margaret IkapeConstraining Reionization Parameters
Tousif IslamAcceleration Relations in the Milky Way as Differentiators of Modified Gravity Theories
Mikhail IvanovPrecision Cosmology with Large-Scale Structure
Benjamin JoachimiKiDS x BOSS: a Guide to Precision Cosmology from Combined Galaxy Surveys
Ryan KeeleyModel-Independent Methods: Gaussian Processes and Inflation Wars
Sara KonradUniversality of the Cold Dark Matter Power Spectrum
Hanwool KooModel-Independent Constraints on SN Ia Light-Curve Hyperparameters and Reconstructions of the Expansion History of the Universe
András KovácsImpeaching Dark Energy: a Common Explanation of the Hubble Tension and Anomalous Cold Spots in the CMB
Soubhik KumarCosmological Particle Production and Pairwise Hotspots on the CMB
Joseph KuruvillaThree-Point Gaussian Streaming Model for Redshift-Space Distortions
Hayden LeeBootstrapping Inflationary Correlator
Robert LilowProbing Primordial Non-Gaussianity with Fast Radio Bursts
Wei-Chen LinTrans-Planckian Censorship and k-Inflation
Aliki LitsaConstraints on Reheating to Standard Model Particles due to Large Effective Higgs Boson Mass
Carsten LittekKinetic Field Theory: Velocity Statistics
Stefany MedellinQuick Simulations for a Scalar Field Dark Matter Model
Marius MilleaA 2020s Vision of CMB Lensing
Julian B. MuñozSmall-Scale Structure at Cosmic Dawn
Nathan MusokeNonlinear Evolution during the Primordial Age
Seshadri NadathurBeyond BAO: Cosmology with Voids in (e)BOSS
Andrej ObuljenDetection of Anisotropic Galaxy Assembly Bias in BOSS galaxies
Oliver PhilcoxMeasuring H0 from Galaxy Surveys: with and without the Sound Horizon
Elena Kozlikin, Sara Konrad, and Carsten LittekKinetic Field Theory: an Introduction
Elena PinettiA New Path for Particle Dark Matter Searches: Cross-Correlation between 21cm Intensity Mapping and Gamma Rays
Wenzer QinLyman-alpha Constraints on Cosmic Heating from Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay
Faisal RahmanDoing Cosmology and Investigating the CMB Cold Spot with EMU-ASKAP Survey
Pranjal RalegankarCannibal Domination and the Small-Scale Structure
Marco RaveriLearning Gravity from Cosmological Data
Robert ReischkeObserver Effects on the Galaxy Power Spectrum
Nandan RoyGeneralized Tracker Quintessence Models for Dark Energy
Bobo SchwabeFuzzy Dark Matter on Galactic Scales
Paula SoaresCosmological Parameter Estimation with 21cm Intensity Mapping
Spyros SypsasSeeding Primordial Black Holes in Multifield Inflation
Daniel ThomasPoisson isn’t a Red Herring: Modified Gravity on Non-Linear Scales
Chun-Hao ToCombination of Cluster Number Counts and Two-Point Correlations
Eemeli TombergPreheating in Palatini Higgs Inflation and Related Plateau Models
Arthur TsangSmall-Scale Structure from Interlopers
Cora UhlemannA Semiclassical Path to the Cosmic Web
Sunny VagnozziMassive Neutrinos and Scale-Dependent Galaxy Bias
Mariana Vargas-Magaña and Gong-Bo ZhaoResults from eBOSS: BAO and Multi-Tracer Analysis
Luca VisinelliAxion Miniclusters: Stellar Disruption and Radioastronomy
Digvijay WadekarAnalytic Calculation of Galaxy Power Spectrum Covariance: Speedup by Four Order of Magnitude
Angus WrightRobust Estimation of Tomographic Redshift Distributions for KiDS
W. Linda XuPhenomenology of CP-Violating Higgs Portal Dark Matter
Vicharit YingcharoenratDark Energy Instabilities Induced by Gravitational Waves
Miguel ZumalacarreguiTowards Solutions to the Hubble Problem Beyond Einstein’s Gravity

Flash Talks

In addition to the pre-recorded talks, Cosmology from Home 2020 offered the option to present your work in a short live talk. This was an interactive alternative to the poster sessions of conventional in-person conferences.

Stefan HeimersheimCannibal Dark Matter
Bart HornObservable Relics from the Simple Harmonic Universe
Luis A. Ureña-LópezUltra Light Scalar Fields: a Story of Three Potentials
Oem TrivediSwampland Conjectures and Single Field Inflation in Modified Cosmological Scenarios
Benjamin GiblinKiDS-1000: a Weak Lensing Catalogue