4 July 2022 – 15 July 2022

Cosmology from Home 2022 was an online cosmology conference with a novel format aimed at bringing the real-world workshop experience into the virtual domain. The format includes the use of pre-recorded talks, and a combination of asynchronous and scheduled live discussions. A permanently available and freely-navigated virtual space also facilitates ongoing, organic discussions. The conference will bring together cosmologists from around the world to discuss the current state of cosmology at the interface of theory and observations.

The topics that were discussed included:

• Inflation and the Early Universe,
• Cosmic Microwave Background and Thermal History,
• Large-Scale Structure of the Universe,
• Dark Matter, Neutrinos and Other Particle Astrophysics,
• Modified Gravity, Dark Energy and Foundations of ΛCDM,
• Gravitational Waves and Multimessenger Astronomy.

Plenary Speakers

Giovanni Aricò (on baryonic effects in large-scale structure)

Josh Dillon (on 21cm cosmology)

Ruth Durrer (on the cosmic dipole)

Elisa Ferreira (on fuzzy dark matter)

Agnes Ferte & Jessie Muir (on DES results beyond ΛCDM)

Victor Gorbenko (on formal aspects of inflation)

Ariadna Montiel (on dark energy and gamma-ray bursts)

Michelle Ntampaka (on machine learning in cosmology)

Yueying Ni (on super-resolution simulations)

Aseem Paranjape (on large-scale structure theory)

Emmanuel Schaan (on secondary CMB anisotropies)

Yvonne Wong (on particle physics-cosmology connections)


Marika Asgari (University of Hull)

Shaun Hotchkiss (University of Auckland)

Niko Šarčević (Newcastle University)

Mariana Vargas-Magaña (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Benjamin Wallisch (Institute for Advanced Study & UC San Diego)

Matthijs van der Wild (Durham University)


Nicolás Bernal (Universidad Antonio Nariño)

Richard Easther (University of Auckland)

Juan García-Bellido (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Hendrik Hildebrandt (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Amanda Weltman (University of Cape Town)

W. L. Kimmy Wu (SLAC & Stanford University)