Plenary Talks

Matthias BartelmannKinetic Field Theory Applied to Cosmic Structure Formation
CAMELS ProjectCAMELS: Cosmology and Astrophysics with Machine Learning Simulations
Catherine Heymans Observing the Evolution of Large-Scale Structure
Deanna HooperCMB Probes of the Early Universe: Anisotropies and Distortions
eROSITA CollaborationMapping Large-Scale Structures in X-Rays: eROSITA in SRG
Scott MelvillePositivity Bounds for Cosmology
Azadeh Moradinezhad Large-Scale Structure Probes of the Early Universe
Guilherme PimentelOn the Cosmological Bootstrap

Panel Discussions

Rachael Beaton, Suhail Dhawan, Behnam Javanmardi & Daniel ScolnicH0 Measurements from the Distance Ladder

Parallel Talks

Alexandre AdlerBeam Mode: Simulating Optical Systematics for CMB Experiments
Joseph AllinghamModelling Electron Clouds of Galaxy Clusters with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Jacobo Asorey BarreiroFuture of Radio Continuum Cosmology Clustering Surveys
Santiago AvilaThe Effect of the Galaxy-Halo Connection on Galaxy Clustering in the Advent of Stage-IV Experiments
Benedict Bahr-KalusThe Kaiser Rocket Effect in Cosmology
Sukannya BhattacharyaPrimordial Black Holes and Particle Dark Matter From Early Matter Domination
Simon BirrerProbing Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Promila BiswasAspects of the Dark Energy Universe with the Barboza-Alcaniz-Zhu-Silva Redshift Parameterization
Sebastian BocquetMulti-Wavelength Galaxy Cluster Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope and the Dark Energy Survey
Manuel Buen-AbadConstraints on Axions from Cosmic Distance Measurements
Giovanni CabassZoology of Graviton Non-Gaussianities
José Eliel Camargo-MolinaA New Perspective on the First-Order Electroweak Phase Transition in the Standard Model Effective
Field Theory
Mariana Carrillo GonzalezComplementary Constraints on Inelastic Light Dark Matter
Matteo CataneoCrossing the Boundary of Two-Point Statistics in Modified Gravity and Dark Energy
Paolo CremoneseBreaking the Mass-Sheet Degeneracy with Gravitational-Wave Interference in Lensed Events
Celia Escamilla-RiveraModified Gravity Theories in Light of Multi-Messenger Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
Llorenç Espinosa-PortalésEntropy in the Early Universe
Pierre FleuryGravitational Lensing: The Weak, the Strong and the Line of Sight
Matthew FongThe Depletion Region and the Characteristic Depletion Radius
Carlos Garcia-GarciaThe History of Structure Growth from Current LSS and CMB Data
Subhajit GhoshFlavor-Specific Neutrino Self-Interactions in Cosmology
Giulia Giannini
& Martin Rodriguez Monroy
Photometric Redshifts and Observational Systematics on DES-Y3 Analyses
Benjamin GiblinWeak Lensing Cosmology: Taking the Path Less Travelled
Barry GinatThe Role of the Monopole in Galaxy Number Counts
Ragavendra H.V.Could PBHs and Secondary GWs Have Originated from Squeezed Initial States?
Steffen HagstotzA New Measurement of the Hubble Constant Using Fast Radio Bursts
David HarveyThe Impact of Self-Interacting Dark Matter on the Intrinsic Alignments of Galaxies
Asta Heinesen
& Hayley Macpherson
The General Luminosity Distance Hubble Law for Model-Independent Cosmological Analysis
Patrícia HeppCosmological Structure’s Growth Rate in Interacting Dark Sector Models
Natalie HoggConstraints on the Distance Duality Relation with Standard Sirens
Luisa G. JaimeHistory of the Universe with Higher-Order Geometry
Tomasz KacprzakCosmology from Large-Scale Structure with Artificial Intelligence
Alba KalajaFundamental Limits on Constraining Primordial Non-Gaussianity
Minas KaramanisAccelerating MCMC for Cosmological Parameter Inference
Venus KeusCP-Violating Inflation
Hanwool KooCosmology with Type Ia Supernovae: Searching for Systematics and Model-Independent Reconstructions
Andras KovacsA New ISW Anomaly from eBOSS Super-Structures
Soubhik KumarDark Radiation Isocurvature: Constraints and Application to the H0 Tension
Benjamin LehmannDiscovering New Forces in the Gravitational Wave Background
Lingfeng Li
& Hoang Nhan Luu
Axi-Higgs Cosmology
Robert LilowProbing Structure Growth with Constrained Realizations from 2MRS
Jia LiuCosmology with Massive Neutrinos
Santosh LohakareDynamical Behavior of Accelerating Cosmological Model f(R,G) Gravity
Qianshu LuMissing Scalars at the Cosmological Collider
Luisa Lucie-SmithDeep Learning Insights into Cosmological Structure Formation
Abhishek ManiyarGlobal Minimum Variance Quadratic Estimator for CMB Weak Lensing
Jacqueline McClearyCluster Weak Lensing from the Stratosphere
Sam McDermottFind the Gap: New Physics and the Black Hole Mass Gap
Swagat Saurav MishraCuring Inflationary Degeneracies Using Reheating Predictions and Relic Gravitational Waves
Upala MukhopadhyayProbing Interacting Dark Energy and Scattering of Baryons with Dark Matter in Light of EDGES
John Orlowski-SchererAn ACT Measurement of the MaDCoWS Mass-Richness Scaling Relation
Laxmipriya PatiDynamics of f(Q,T) Gravity with Variable Deceleration Parameter
Marcos PellejeroLagrangian Perturbative Bias Expansion with N-Body Simulations
Oliver PhilcoxCosmology from the Galaxy Four-Point Correlation Function
Elena PinettiIntegral X-Ray Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Matter
Natalia PorqueresCosmology with Bayesian Hierarchical Models of Cosmic Shear Data
Anna PorredonDES-Y3 Cosmological Constraints from Galaxy Clustering and Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing Using
an Optimized Lens Sample
Susan PyneControlling Weak Lensing Systematic Uncertainties with Three-Point Statistics
Davide RaccoGravitational Production of Dark Sectors
Sujatha RamakrishnanIncreasing a Mock’s Reach with the Cosmic Web
Julian ReyPrimordial Black Holes in an Early Matter-Dominated Era and Stochastic Inflation
Keir RogersSearching for Dark Matter in the Lyman-alpha Forest
Daniela SaadehDark Energy: Can We Vainshtein Screen a Fifth Fundamental Force?
Supranta Sarma BoruahMap-Based Cosmology Inference with Log-Normal Cosmic Shear Maps
Christoph SaulderBAO Peak Measurements Using Photometric Survey Data
Timothee SchaefferDark Acoustic Oscillations: Imprints on the Matter Power Spectrum and the Halo Mass Function
Jingjing ShiAn Optimal Estimator of Intrinsic Alignments for Star-Forming Galaxies
Paula SoaresGaussian Process Regression: An Application in Radio Cosmology
Adam SolomonSymmetries of Black Hole Perturbation Theory
Guanhao SunScalar-Tensor Mixing from Icosahedral Inflation
Unnikrishnan SureshkumarTracing Galaxy Environment Using the Marked Correlation Function in GAMA
Giovanni TambaloPerturbation Theory in Inflation and Beyond
Luis Osvaldo Téllez TovarMulti-Scalar Field Dark Matter
Yu-Dai TsaiResonant Self-Interacting Dark Matter & Small-Scale Structure
Sunny VagnozziEarly- and Late-Time Consistency Tests of ΛCDM and Implications for the Hubble Tension
Jorinde van de VisReheating from a Curved Target Space
Luca VisinelliDirect Detection Experiments and Dark Energy
Kuan WangConstraining Galaxy Assembly Bias with Count Statistics
Alex WoodfindenCosmological Measurements from Voids in the eBOSS Survey
Bill WrightNon-Linear Structure Formation in Horndeski Gravity
Weishuang XuCosmological Measurements of Massive Light Relics

Flash Talks

Amarkumar AgrawalBouncing Cosmology in Extended Gravity and its Reconstruction as a Dark Energy Model
Diego BlasFornax Globular Cluster Timing Problem as a Test of Dark Matter Properties
Saikat ChakrabortyTowards ΛCDM Cosmology in f(R) gravity
Michael ChapmanMeasuring the Growth Rate from Small Scales in eBOSS
Thomas ColasFour-Mode Squeezed States and Their Use in Cosmology
Elham GhoraniOn the Initial Singularity in Kantowski-Sachs Spacetime
Alex GoughResults from One-Point Statistics in Extended Cosmologies
Boryana HadzhiyskaHEFTy Improvements to Cosmological Constraints Using a Hybrid Effective Field Theory Approach
Phillip HelbigFifty Years of the Flatness Problem
Ming-Feng HoA Multi-Fidelity Emulator for the Matter Power Spectrum using Gaussian Processes
Siddheshwar KadamLate-Time Cosmic Acceleration Model In f(T,B) Gravity
Saarik KaliaWarming Up Cold Inflation
Vipin Kumar SharmaStudy of Galactic Dynamics at Very Low Cosmological Redshift
Joseph KuruvillaConstraining Neutrino Mass Using Three-Point Mean Relative Velocity Statistics
Susana LandauTesting Unimodular Gravity and Diffusion with Observational Data
Louis LegrandOptimal CMB Lensing Power Spectrum Estimation
Lerh Feng LowInflation in a Gaussian Random Landscape
Andreas MantzirisCosmological Implications of EW Vacuum Instability: Constraints on the ξ Coupling from Inflation
Markus MosbechEasing the σ8 Tension with Neutrino-Dark Matter Interactions
Yasaman Najafi JozaniPure E-/B-Mode Separation for Cosmic Shear Analysis
Farnik NikakhtarLaguerre Reconstruction of the Two-Point Correlation Function on BAO Scales
Nelson PadillaEffect of Primordial Black Holes on the Abundance of Low-Mass Dark Matter Halos
Mariana PanayotovaSuccessful Generation of Baryon Asymmetry for SFC Baryogenesis in Different Inflationary Scenarios
Ali Rida KhalifehNeutrino Oscillations: A New Avenue to Probe Dark Energy Models
Walter RiquelmePrimordial Non-Gaussianity from Angular Clustering: Prospects for DES
David RobinsonDo Cooling and Heating Functions Actually Exist?
Nandan RoyTracker Phantom Field and a Cosmological Constant: Dynamics of a Composite Dark Energy Model
Samuel Sanchez LopezQuintessential Inflation in Palatini f(R) Gravity
Riccardo SeppiThe Mass Function Dependence on the Dynamical State of Dark Matter Haloes
Alessio Spurio ManciniCosmoPower: Emulating Power Spectra for Hyperfast Cosmological Inference
Eemeli TombergStochastic Inflation and Primordial Black Holes: A Numerical Approach
Bernhard Vos GinésRecovering BAO in a SKA Intensity Mapping Survey
Jeremy WachterCosmic Strings Under Gravitational Self-Interactions
Idit ZehaviElucidating Galaxy Assembly Bias