This list of talks is continuously updated.

Plenary Talks

Shreya BanerjeeTesting Models Beyond ΛCDM
Michael Boylan-Kolchin & Lilan YangWhat Is JWST Telling Us about Early Galaxy Properties and Cosmology?
Jonathan BradenThe Big Bang in the Lab: Simulating the Early Universe with BECs
Joseph ConlonString Cosmology in 2023
Tomohiro FujitaCosmic Birefringence: How Our Universe Violates Left-Right Symmetry
Kathryn JepsenConscious Language: Treating People with Dignity
Sesh NadathurCosmological Measurements using Voids in Galaxy Surveys
Jorge NoreñaAlternative Approaches for Measuring Primordial Non-Gaussinity in Large-Scale Structure
Khaled SaidCosmology with Current and Future Peculiar Velocity Surveys
Kaitlin SchutzThe Cosmology of Dark Matter Freeze-In
Marta Spinelli21cm Intensity Mapping: Opportunities and Challenges on the Road to the SKA Observatory

Panel Discussion

Deep Dive into the S8 TensionAlexandra Amon, Giovanni Aricò, Catherine Heymans,
Alexie Leauthaud, Ian McCarthy & Vivian Poulin

Parallel Talks

Sandeep Kumar AcharyaThe role of soft photon injection and heating in 21~cm cosmology
Alexandre AdlerTaurus: a balloon-borne telescope to constrain the optical depth of reionisation
Amarkumar AgrawalMatter Bounce Scenario in Extended Symmetric Teleparallel Gravity
Theodore AntonModelling the emergence of cosmic anisotropy from non-linear structures
Olga AvsajanishviliCosmological Scalar Field ϕCDM Models
Matteo BilliLack of Power Anomaly: new constraints from Planck 2018 and 2020 temperature and polarisation data
Simone BiondiniEffective field theories for dark matter pairs in the early universe
Simeon BirdNew Cosmological Analysis of the eBOSS Lyman-alpha Forest
Robin BuehlerDynamical Friction in Fuzzy Dark Matter on circular orbits
Rodrigo CalderonJoint reconstructions of growth and expansion histories from stage-IV surveys with minimal assumptions
Angelo CaravanoLattice simulations of axion inflation
Nathan CarlsonUnveiling traces of primordial non-Gaussianity in the cosmic web with WebSky2
Javier Carrón DuqueMinkowski Functionals as a tool for Non-Gaussianities and anisotropy: extensions to CMB polarization
Jonás Chaves-MonteroOn the origin of the lensing-is-low problem
Jessica ChellinoAnalytic Covariance Matrices for N-Point Correlation Functions
Yi-Kuan ChiangCSFD: A More Accurate Galactic Dust Map by Tomographically Correcting for the Extragalactic Imprints in SFD
Carlos Mauricio CorreaCosmic voids as cosmological laboratories
Nadia DachlythraBeam modeling importance & techniques for current and next-generation CMB telescopes (with a focus on ground telescopes)
Barnali DasIndirect imprints of primordial non-Gaussianity on cosmic microwave background
Sudipta DasImprints of interacting dark universe on cosmological perturbations
Tijmen de HaanLiteBIRD: a satellite experiment measuring the B-mode polarization of the CMB
M. Sten DelosPrompt cusps of dark matter halos
Qianhang DingReconciling cosmic dipolar tensions with a gigaparsec void
Luis EscamillaReconstructions of Dark Energy
Tassia FerreiraA fast and reliable method for the comparison of covariance matrices
Katherine FreeseHas JWST detected Dark Stars?
Mauricio GamonalPrimordial fluctuations from quadratic curvature terms
Luz GarcíaBroad absorption lines in DESI Y1 QSO spectra
Santiago Garcia SernaScaling Solutions in Generalized Proca Theory and its Cosmological Implications
Ivelin GeorgievSimulating the End of Cosmic Reionisation (EndoR)
Sambit GiriDetecting Beyond Standard Model Cosmology through Epoch of Reionization Observations
Rafaela GsponerEDE in the light of large scale structure data
Fazlollah HajkarimProbing Axions via Light Circular Polarization and Event Horizon Telescope
Liqiang HouDark Matter Annihilation in 21cm Signal at Cosmic Dawn
Ming-Feng HoMulti-Fidelity Multi-Scale Emulation and Lya 1D Power Spectrum Inference in Astrid Simulations
Oksana IaryginaNon-Gaussianity in rapid-turn multi-field inflation
Gabriel JungSignatures of Primordial non-Gaussianity in the non-linear density field
Siddheshwar KadamNoether Symmetries in Extended Teleparallel Gauss-Bonnet Cosmology
Khandro KalsagA Truncated Scale Factor to Realize Cosmological Bounce under the Purview of Modified Gravity
Mandar KarandikarInvestigating the assumptions of the EFTofLSS
Ryan KeeleyPushing the Limits of Detectability: Mixed Dark Matter from Strong Gravitational Lenses
William KenworthyA SH0ES Two-rung Distance Ladder: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad
K. Sravan KumarQuantum field theory in curved spacetime and the CMB hemispherical power asymmetry
E. Seyma KutlukCosmological Perturbations Out of the Box
Yurii KvasiukAn Auto-Differentiable Likelihood Pipeline for the Cross-Correlation of CMB and Large-Scale Structure due to the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
Jaemyoung (Jason) LeeExploring the Non-Gaussianity of the Cosmic Infrared Background and Its Weak Gravitational Lensing
Thais LemosCosmological model-independent constraints on the baryon fraction in the IGM from fast radio bursts and supernovae data
Lingfeng LiHybrid Cosmological Collider of Axion
Robert LilowReconstructing the Local Universe with Neural Networks
Ameek MalhotraCosmological gravitational wave anisotropies from adiabatic and isocurvature perturbations
Yusuke ManitaDistinguishing Ultralight Dark Matter Signals in Gravitational Wave Detectors: A Comparative Analysis of Dark Photons and Spin-2 Dark Matter
Andreas MantzirisPrimordial gravitational waves from phase transitions during quintessential inflation
Tonatiuh MatosFermi Bubbles in Scalar Field Dark Matter Halos
Evan McDonoughUltralight Dark Matter and The Axiverse of Dark QCD
Tays MirandaBHs sourced by a non-Gaussian curvaton component
Swagat Saurav MishraPrimordial Black Holes and Stochastic Inflation Beyond Slow Roll
Jeongin Moon, Michael Rashkovetskyi, Christoph Saulder & David ValcinFirst Detection of the BAO Signal from Early DESI Data
Josué Motoa-ManzanoStructure formation in an anisotropic universe: Eulerian perturbation theory
Marcos Muñiz CueliThe submillimeter galaxy magnification bias as a cosmological probe
Minh NguyenCosmological inference from galaxy clustering at the field level with a EFTofLSS forward model
Nils A. NilssonTesting Spacetime Symmetries in the Early Universe
Pierros NtelisNew avenues and observational constraints on functors of actions theories
Bayron Orjuela-QuintanaTracking the validity of the quasi-static and sub-horizon approximations in modified gravity
Enrique PaillasConstraining cosmology with density-split clustering
Dante PazA cosmological test using the abundance of Popcorn voids
Alejandro Perez RodriguezRevisiting warm inflation
Elena PinettiPutting all the X in one basket: X-ray constraints on sub-GeV dark matter
Lucas PinolInflationary flavor oscillations: the cosmic spectroscopy
Kuldeep PurohitRotating Scalar Field and Formation of Bose Stars
Sladana RadinovicThe void-galaxy cross-correlation function in future large scale structure surveys
Matthew ReinhardProbing Axion Inflation with Parity Violation
Robert ReischkeThe Large Scale Structure and Fast Radio Bursts
Sébastien Renaux-PetelEquilateral non-Gaussianities, what is next? Cosmological correlators beyond locality, weak mixing and parity
Agustín Rodríguez-MedranoLocal and large-scale effects on the astrophysics of void galaxies
Paul RogozenskiImplementing the Neutrino-Induced Scale-Dependent Bias in Photometric Galaxy Surveys
Nandan RoyInteracting dark sectors from a dynamical system perspective
Philipp SchichoCan EFT reveal if there was an electroweak phase transition?
Jan Schutte-EngelFreezing-In Gravitational Waves
Sergio SevillanoHow to find the Feynman Rules from any scalar-tensor theory and not collapse in the process
Shabbir ShaikhCosmology from Cross-Correlation of ACT-DR4 CMB Lensing and DES-Y3 Cosmic Shear
Lior ShamirObservational link between the physics of galaxy rotation and recent anomalies in the large-scale structure
Shashwat SinghProbing Fuzzy dark matter with lensed Gravitational waves
Francesco SinigagliaFast and accurate modeling of the Lyman-alpha forest for current and forthcoming surveys
John SoltisPredicting Follow-Up Observations of Galaxy Clusters Using Machine Learning
Daniele SoriniThe impact of feedback on haloes and large-scale structure
Sankarshana SrinivasanProbing model-independent modified gravity in the non-linear regime
Stephen StopyraField Level Inference of Voids and Galaxy Clusters
Jamie SullivanLearning Linear Cosmological Physics
Eemeli TombergStochastic inflation and primordial black holes: challenges and solutions
Yuhsin TsaiProbing Cosmological Particle Production and Pairwise Hotspots with Deep Neural Networks
Archit VidyarthiUltraviolet Unitarity Violations in Non-minimally Coupled Scalar-Starobinsky Inflation
Jenny WagnerAs good as it gets — towards the best-understood H0 from strong gravitational lensing
Dong-Gang WangBootstrapping multi-field inflation
Zhenyuan WangPerturbation Theory Remixed
Yourong Frank WangEvolution of Mixed FDM-Baryon Systems and Its Astrophysical Consequences
Denis WerthThe Cosmological Flow: a Systematic Approach to Primordial Correlators
Tao XuProbing New Physics with Primordial Black Holes
Gen YeShape of CMB lensing and the cosmological tensions
Vicharit YingcharoenratSuper-horizon resonant magnetogenesis during inflation
Zhuowen ZhangImpact of Property Covariance on Galaxy Cluster Weak-lensing Mass Calibration

Flash Talks

To be announced.